How to Follow God’s Lead in Life Decisions

We are all looking for a way to make the right decisions and we have all been faced with situations where we had no idea what to do and wished God would give us some sort of hint.  If you are a firm believer in God’s grace and sovereignty, as I am, you trust that, in the end, whatever decision you end up making will be what God had wanted you to make all along.  And yet, even people like me have a hard time making such decisions and worry, from time to time, about making the wrong one (oh, how torn one can be, between the seen and the unseen, faith and sight).  There are times when we wish God himself would appear upon His mighty throne, right in our bedrooms, and proclaim, “My good and faithful servant, this is what ye shall do!”

                I’d say, don’t hold your breath for that one.  God will not come and make it easy for you.  The reason is that difficult decisions are all a part of His plan for us to learn how to walk with Him in trust.  Why would he take the load off when His goal is precisely for you to experience and go through it?  Each time we stand at a fork on the road, we are faced with the decision to either rush in like a fool, or wait patiently until the Lord gives some indication as to what is wisest.  To wait for a time when a more educated decision can be made can be far more difficult than to rush into either choice, even counting its hardships that might come as a result.

                If you wish to follow God’s leading, therefore, always take the most Biblical way:  The way of patience.  The Bible, after all, has nothing to say for rash decisions, no matter how pressed you feel.  Even if you believe you are between the cross and the switchblade, and unless you run somewhere things will go bad, even worse than they are now, God always instructs us in the way of waiting.  The Bible is replete with admonitions to stay put, to weigh things carefully, to wait patiently for as long as it takes, to be calm, to take time to listen the wise counsel of others, to pray and fast, and simply put, to wait, wait, wait. 

                As much as this may sound impossible to you now, there will come a day, any moment now, when you will be absolutely sure of which is the best way to go.  There will be new information coming, which will instruct you better on the nature of both paths and you will see that one of them only seemed right for you, but was not.  Perhaps a door will close and you will find that only one decision is now feasible or perhaps you will become better educated.  It might even happen that, after some prayer, the feeling of anxiety you felt, nudging you to make a decision quickly was really a warning, like big, bright red blinking lights going off in your heart, telling you NOT to move forward (yes, the human heart plays tricks on our weaknesses and we read signs very poorly, especially when pressured) and so in prayer you will come to realize which is truly the best way to go.  Or maybe, after some time, a third and best option might appear, which will altogether destroy all uncertainty.  Lastly, of course, you might come to see that, even though you thought you needed to get away from your difficult situation, God just wants you to stay in it, say no to all escape doors and hang in there, trusting that you are in His perfect will for your life, even if that means you have to endure some hardships if you are to grow in the likeness of Christ. 

                Forgive me if you did not enjoy my advice; if you hoped I’d say something easy like, “do whatever earns you the greatest benefits” but in God’s kingdom, it is not the end results that matter, but the journey to them.  You will find, in the end, that God’s will rested not in which choice you made, but what led you to it. 

By LucianaDamascena